CamToPlan PRO App Reviews

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Great app

It works!

Not Worth It.

Very unwieldy and difficult to use. A waste of money.

Waste of money

I have seem so many reviews and i get excited for this app, so I bought it. the app never works and i did contact the provider and reviewed all the tips on their website. nothing works. very disappointed.


Very nice

I really love this app

Very helpful when measuring

Very bad


Truly Impressive

With seven minutes I had a complete floorplan for my 1914 Bungalow. Amazing!


Works great


Free programs work better.

Crashes and is very inaccurate

Havnt had it ten mins an already want my money back . Tested it on my counter with a tape measure and the app was consistently off by over 3 ft. This isn’t a tool I’d reccoment to anyone

Life so much easier

Amazing Ap that took so much time off my estimating process. Extremely useful.

I don’t like

It is imprecise, it does not work well in places with little light. Don’t capture well the areas

Cool on first attempt to measure my pools surface area




Incredible App

Measure rooms in a jiffy.

Concept is awesome but ....

It stopped measuring half way through floor plan. .... and now I’m frustrated .... I wanted to not write review until I trouble shooter but the pop up to leave review wouldn’t stop so rather than a trouble shot 5 star it’s a 3 star frustrated review.

Initial impression

easy to use

Great and accurate estimator

Love this app. Have found dozens of uses and time saving tricks.

Good app

Useful and handy

Very handy!

Very handy, even works out doors on landscape

Nice to measure

Seems easy to use.


Awesome app that helps you measure in way less time!

Not impressed.

I set my initial point in the room, measure all the walls and when I get back to my point it has moved.



Great app

Great app.

Muy bueno

Exelente app

Charged me?

I downloaded app to try out but wasn’t blue to do so even yet and I was charged 4.99? I did not agree to it. Deleting app and don’t even want to try out now.


Good app so far

Really cool app!

Love it! Gives me square foot and lineal foot and is spot on accurate if you use it right! Just wish it allowed me to do more than one room on a plan. I would like to be able to recreate a floor plan with multiple rooms. Right now I can do the entire space as one big room or each room as separate plans. Problem with the latter is that I can’t see where each room is on the full plan. Great app otherwise! Great job!

Can’t add openings!!

I know it’s my fault for assuming that a floor plan app would allow you to add windows and doors. If you are gonna limit the app this much by NOT having a way to add openings. Basically an app that uses your camera to draw a box!! Be kind enough to put that in the description!! How can I get a refund??

Greatest tool ever!

Awesome! Plain and simple. Also really love the non-easy delete setup!


I thought the app would give fairly accurate measurements. It does not.

Hardly had to read instructions ; )

Still learning since I purchased a few minutes ago. Which means that with practice I’ll be an expert soon. Have mapped my kitchen floor fairly well. I’ll be back.




This app performs just as well — and as poorly — as several AR measurement apps that are FREE on the App Store like Magicplan and RoomScan. Not sure what the strategic advantage to this app is, but they got my $5.

Cool app.

This will save you a lot of time for home projects

3 star for constant review nagging

3 star for constant review nagging


Works great

As promised

CamToPlan is fun and easy to use. Show to your friends because they’ll want it too! I’m using it now for an architecture course I’m following.

Good app

Clean simple to use


Awesome app

Great measuring tool

Fantastic. Gives you first pass estimate


Muy buena

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So I’m a contractor and am always looking for apps that might make my job a little easier. So I saw this and was like awesome! A faster way to measure and get floor plans at the same time! Well that’s ALL you get. You can’t a doors, windows, text, nothing. It’s just a simple floor plan of a box really. I shouldn’t have wasted my money on this app. Very disappointed. It could be great but they need to upgrade it a lot! Thumbs down.

Get it!!!

Very fun way to measure with getting a tape measure out! It’s worth the money



Love it

Great for quick measurements


No exacta pero si muy útil.

Nice tool

So I get it it’s not crazy precise. However if your using this app for your job your an idiot break out a tape measure and get it right. That being said it’s a great tool to always have on you for estimating square footage or just getting an idea of how long a wall is for furniture placement or rugs.

Not accurate at all

The camera jiggles with your hand... does not snap on a straight line. The drawings look like a child did them. Total waste of money.

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