CamToPlan PRO App Reviews

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Great app

This app it’s just a fraud

Big waste of money I want my money back!!!!

Great app

Simple, easy, accurate. Love it.

Works great

Works great

you don't need the measure tape any more !

wow awesome app


Works great huge help for projects.

Floors only?

Tried to use his to measure for crown moulding. Couldn't get it to work. Did fine on floors but not on ceiling.

This app rules

Works great but i wish it could measure in inches as well.


Accurate 98%

Buena app

Muy buena y fácil de usar para tomar medidas o hacer inventario para construcción.

Metric System

Please use as an option, measurements using the Metric Systems, (meters, centimeters) if you do so, your App will be more useful for Latin American countries Mauricio Lacayo Costa Rica

good job

good job

Not accurate at all...

Not accurate at all. Never matched a measurement taken with a regular ruler.... Tried to use it all day and I never got a measurement right. Every measurement was off by 5 to 10cm. Very disappointed !!!! P.S I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus

Works well, regret buying though

I didn’t pay attention to the preview before I bought this app, I thought I would be able to add openings like doors and windows but there is no additional editing once outline of room is done. Would be extremely helpful if minimal architecture symbols could be added during measurement or post measurement in viewing window. I run a small electrical business and having easy rough prints would be so nice.


Easy to use. Good result. Good accuracy.

Great app

Easy to use East coast countertops and all wood cabinets

Total Crap! I want my money back!

This app is total crap! The video shows a few flags and that is all measuring a room is a total different thing. I want my money back now. No wonder they have to advertise on Facebook.

Excellent and pretty accurate

It made editing data center floor plans much easier.



Pretty cool

This app helped me create an evacuation plan for our adoption home study. This very functional for my purposes.


Need more concentration. But nice a enough for draft design. Thank you


Very cool 👍🏾

it’s amazing

i loved it.

Don’t waste your money!!!!!!

I want my money back this is worthless!!!!

Awesome. Great for Me!!

Awesome. Great for Me!! I do Real Estate and & My wife (Talie Jane Interiors) does interior design. This make it quick saving our clients time and money.

Very inaccurate

Tried using it many times Worthless

Don’t work do not buy

Do not buy

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