CamToPlan PRO App Reviews

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Tech not quite ready for practical application

Reviewed this app as a possible business solution for a large furniture retailer. I tested this app in empty rooms with bright light and furnished rooms with bright light. I found it to work reasonably (though still inaccurate) in small square spaces, it stopped working when trying to render larger spaces (400 ft sq). As previous reviewers noted, it does not accurately measure. (I laid down a measuring tape and compared the rendering and actual). It also offers no ability to edit the rendering (other than squaring off) after measuring. I also found that initial points of the rendering would skip or jump throughout causing me to go back and re-do the entire room. Inaccuracy of measurements, inability to edit, and cost of app all combine to receive a solid 1 star rating.

Don’t waste your money

This app should be a game instead of it trying to be a tool. It’s a joke. Imposible to get an accurate measurement out of this. Read the disclosures and privacy before even considering this piece of garbage.


Very pleased with the mechanics and ease of use! Awesome App!


Amazing apps


First use disaster

Just got it

Just got it not sure yet

Rough estimate only

Usually off by a couple inches but still a handy tool

Must have

I’ve been thinking why they don’t provide something like that for years!

Super useful

Easy to use makes life so much easier

Works great!!

Works great... used to buy a rug... fit perfectly ..

A perfect app for measurements

Perfectly measures areas and gives an instant drawings. Produced drawings can be later on edit d as well with auto adjustment feature.


Why doesn’t it automatically suggest the corners? For gosh sake the notes app does that when scanning.


Works pretty awesome so far!!!!

Good, but not perfect

Will do for many small tasks, fun to use.

5-16-2018 Noon progress


Great product

Awesome. Very precise and easy to use.

Fun and practical use of AR

Without having thoroughly tested its accuracy, I have done several rough tests (after many turns and twists, are the angles true and does the end point match up with the starting point). The results seem promisin. When I am being careful about positioning the corners, this app seems accurate to within a percent or less. Your mileage may vary, of course!

Basic measurement

Work great, but you need to have enough light to detect the area you want to measure.

brst soft

is good really

Looking food and easy !

This is fun and easy!

Great App!

This app helped me to plan building a playground for my children. Easy to use!!


Wooow..great app

So far, so good.

Does what it says it will do. Still trying to figure it out a little bit seems pretty good. I’m wondering if it will do ceilings as well?

Insatisfecho con la aplicación

La verdad esta aplicación no cumple con lo que yo pensaba es algo difícil poder sacar unas medidas ya que los puntos se mueven mucho no la recomiendo para nada

Great app

Works amazing simple to use and real accurate

Kinda off but ok

Kinda off but ok

Works good

I’ll use when I don’t have a tape measure.


Great app

Great and most useful app

This is awesome!


You have to use it once and you will be sold! Value for the money.


Great app

Very Inaccurate!

The first post moved significantly as I was close to completing the room which caused the whole layout to be completely off. VERY disappointing!


I love it. I’m remodeling my home and this little app is pretty slick


Seems accurate and will come in handy in my professional life.



This is a revolution

This Apple works flawlessly… Super super productive!

Great tool

This tool works its nice to have in your bag

Super Helpful

Easy to use


I’m an estimator and this is pretty handy. I still need to check accuracy but will keep it on my phone as a back up

Adults staying in the lines

With a little practice this could be great.




Only wrote this cuz you wouldn’t stop asking. Good app tho




it’s good

Doesn’t go vertical??

Didn’t realize this is only for the floor, but doesn’t work to measure anything vertical which is useless

Making my life easy

So far this is the best app I found making my life a lot easier

Easy to use

Easy to use



Not accurate

Measurements are off by a few inches.

Still Early

But very impressed. My first experience with AR measuring. I was able to measure a multi angle room right the first time.

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